Padfield | Creating Tomorrow's Forests

For every bag sold Padfield plants a tree in a UK forest.

We are pleased to announce our planting partnership with Creating Tomorrow's Forests.  Padfield’s commitment to English and British craftsmanship, and working with local materials and suppliers, beautifully aligns with our tree planting initiative as it directly enhances local British communities and environments. With a growing international customer base Padfield also felt it was vital to chose an initiative that produces a global benefit… every tree we plant together will play a role in absorbing atmospheric CO2 .

On a personal note, I spent my childhood climbing trees and playing in woodlands. The opportunity to be part of gifting the joy (and necessity) of trees to the next generation is a daily inspiration. Hundreds of years from now, the trees we plant together will live on, creating homes for wildlife, replenishing natural landscapes, and playing their part to help stabilise our climate.

With an amazing 8 million trees already planted in the UK, Creating Tomorrow's Forests are currently planting in Somerset.

Written By: Loren Taylor