Caring for your Padfield

As a natural material the leather will change over time and use. You can help to protect and prolong the life of your leather accessories by:

  • Applying a leather nano protector spray can help protect the leather (always carry out a patch test in a discreet area first)
  • If the leather becomes wet wipe dry with a soft cloth and leave to dry naturally
  • Try avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight when not in use
  • Store your Padfield accessory in the cotton dust bag provided when not in use

General Colour Care Advice

When using any coloured materials - whether that be leather, denim, silks, etc. - it is advisable to take the nature of coloured materials in to consider when deciding how to use them. As a dyed material darker colour materials can transfer colour to lighter colour materials. Fabrics, such as denim, can also transfer colour on to lighter leathers. As suede leather is more susceptible to transferring colour it is recommended that you do not place lighter colour materials inside suede lined accessories. Please note that as colour transfer between coloured materials is a known quality of these materials, Padfield cannot be held responsibility for any damage caused due to colour transfers of any kind.