Padfield | Inspired by Timeless Style

Timeless. An adjective, not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.

Timeless style. These words are a key inspiration for every single Padfield design.

I grew up admiring the effortless style (well, what appeared to be effortless style) of: Audrey Hepburn; Grace Kelly; Jackie O; Diana, Princes of  Wales; to name a few. What struck me most, women of all ages looked at these beautifully dressed women as style icons. Even when 'dressed down', there was an art to how they dressed and accessorised.

What I love most is when elegant and understated pieces are paired together to create a look that screams ageless. A look that a young girl, her mother, and grandmother can admire together (oh, and the boys and men can't be forgotten. I can of course list men that have this art of timeless dressing worked out too).

The lessons I took from these style icons is undoubtedly responsible, at least in part, for the Padfield ethos of slow fashion and crafting timeless accessories that stand the test of time. At Padfield we expertly craft beautiful pieces for busy modern lives, with designs that are timeless for the now and the future... the weekday-to-weekend activities and across the generations.

As with dressing, sometimes the most important part of designing is what you remove, what you show constraint not to include. The old adage strands true, less can be more. During the Padfield design process I often find myself asking the question, would Audrey Hepburn or Princess Diana carry this?

Padfield | Inspired by Timeless Style 1

Written By: Loren Taylor