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PADFIELD I Made in England from British Leather
Leather Provenance

Padfield leather is tanned using traditional methods in England, UK. Britain has a long and proud history of farming, and we source from this industry as we believe it to be the most sustainable and responsible source of natural leather.

Leather Quality

With so many heavy luxury leather handbags on the market, we decided to reduce the thickness of our leathers. As a result our accessories have all the same great qualities of natural leather, but you benefit from a lighter weight finished accessory.

Padfield Pebble Grain Leather

Our Pebble Grain leather is a full grain water resistant leather. It has a rich even colour and a beautiful even grain finish. Dyed entirely through the hide, this leather will not show scratches as easily as surface tanned leather. It will wear well and become softer with use.

PADFIELD I Made in England from British Leather
Padfield Moonstruck Nubuck Leather

Our Moonstruck leather is a soft handle Nubuck with a distinctive embossed texture. Reminiscent of an exotic animal print, this beautiful leather is unique to Padfield.

During tanning we treat our leather with a water resistant technology that will help the leather, if left to dry naturally, return to its original form.

Padfield Grey Smooth Leather

Our grey Moonstruck leather tote bags and accessories are lined with our smooth grey leather. As with our Pebble Grain leather and Moonstruck Nubuck leather, we have tanned our grey lining leather all the way through.

Padfield Red Suede Leather

Our suede leather, in a bold red, is a statement lining featured across most of our black and tan Pebble Grain leather accessories. Selected for its rich colour and luxurious soft hand-feel.

Colour Care Advice

This is general disclaimer that usually applies to all leather products. Please be aware that darker colour leathers can transfer colour to lighter colour materials. Fabrics, such as denim, can also transfer colour on to lighter leathers. As suede leather is more susceptible to transferring colour we recommend not placing lighter colour materials inside suede lined accessories. Padfield cannot take responsibility for any damage caused due to colour transfers of any kind.