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Quality over Quantity

Padfield crafts the finest leather accessories from the finest materials. We are the opposite of fast throwaway fashion, and believe in making products that last. Part of our commitment to working with British leathers, and handcrafting our accessories in England, is our commitment to working with traditional methods. It takes several skilled leather artisans to make one Padfield accessory.

To be Authentically British

Our commitment to British production extends beyond our London office address. We make all of our leather accessories from start-to-finish in the English countryside.  Something that is becoming harder and harder to find.

We choose to work with British based businesses, makers and suppliers whenever possible. We are proud to say that our Padfield branded gift boxes are also handmade in England. We work with a local London business to design and print all of our stationery and care cards.

Padfield British Luxury Leather Accessories
To be Sustainable

Padfield has partnered with a British tannery to source and tan all of our leathers. Sourcing locally and making locally means we can be sure of Who, How and Where all of our products are made. All Padfield accessories are made in England, which means fair UK wages and a quality working environment. With environmental sustainability a major factor in our decision making, we knew that choosing to make in England would lower our carbon footprint. We make every decision with sustainability at the forefront of our mind.

We believe in using NO PLASTIC. To eliminate plastic and throwaway packaging, all of our accessories are delivered in our recyclable gift boxes. We hope that you will choose to keep your box, to store your Padfield when not in use. Alternatively, please re-purpose the box to store other precious possessions.