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(Oh, and we plant trees… more on that later)

Padfield handcrafts leather lifestyle accessories exclusively in England from British tanned leather. Designed in London the Padfield collection of tote bags and small leather accessories are timeless solutions for busy modern lives. Founded to be sustainable and purposeful Padfield is committed to keeping Britain’s rich heritage of craftsmanship alive. Why is this important?

With the UK and global market for leather accessories growing you would expect British leather tanning to be thriving. Sadly this is not the case. The number of UK tanneries has declined from 4,000 to just 23*. Why such a significant decline in a growing market… simply put it is cheaper for British brands to source and make abroad.

At Padfield we believe that sourcing and crafting locally is the most sustainable option. We are happy to make less profit to craft exclusively from British tanned leather, support British craftsmanship and British jobs, and to give our customers excellent value. With strong family ties to British farming Padfield also feels passionately about being authentically connected to local communities; not just calling ourselves Padfield England but by crafting our accessories from start-to-finish at home in England.

By owning a Padfield you will not only own a beautiful British made accessory, you are helping to support traditional British industry. With the added benefit of not having to wonder how and where your leather accessories were made. We believe this is true British luxury.

LOREN TAYLOR I Founder and Designer, PADFIELD
The meaning behind PADFIELD

Hello! I am Loren, the founder of Padfield. Thank you for reading this far, and for taking the time to learn more about our journey. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share with you the meaning behind Padfield.

Padfield is created out of personal experience. My father built our first family home in Padfield Park when my mother was carrying me. We lost him suddenly when I was a child. Started at my dining room table, and named in memory of my father, Padfield represents an entrepreneurial spirit and authenticity that he would be proud of.

Why did I start Padfield? With our increasingly complex and busy lives I wanted to create a company synonymous with reliability and sustainability, with a respect and appreciation of traditional British trades and industries. Designing for women and men who desire timeless style, authentic British craftsmanship and good value.

Padfield British Luxury Packaging
Our History and Launching PADFIELD

I first started hand making and selling handbags whilst at university in Scotland. Hard work and a lucky break lead to retailing a line of premium leather goods through John Lewis stores from 2010 to 2013. An amazing experience that allowed me to learn from some of the best European makers. However, the story ‘the reason for being’ always felt incomplete, it lacked authenticity and purpose. I knew that if I was going to stay in the industry I had to refuse to compromise.

I wrote down my ultimate values: Authentically British, Quality not Quantity, Sustainability, and set our to accept nothing less. By combining these values with thoughtful design and better value prices I knew Padfield would be offering something unique. With more than a decade of industry experience, and having spent several years developing relationships with British industries and communities, Padfield launched in late 2018.

PADFIELD | Environmental Sustainability | Planting Trees in UK Forests
What is next for PADFIELD?

Whilst Padfield is already making a difference by choosing to work with local British artisans and British suppliers we wanted to do more. With our commitment to sustainable production and ties to British farming, Padfield is passionate about supporting projects that promote sustainable living and the regeneration of natural landscapes. To contribute to enhancing local communities, the environment and reducing CO2 levels globally, with your help, Padfield is planting trees.

For every Padfield tote bag sold Padfield makes a donation to plant trees in UK Forests. This is an initiative that is close to my heart. Learn more about the Padfield Planting Trees Together and who we are working with to make a real difference.

We invite you to join the Padfield family and hope that you keep in touch. Please take a moment to follow Padfield on Instagram @Padfield.England (every like, share and comment means the world to us!). Keep up-to-date with news of new arrivals, events and special offers by signing up to receive the Padfield newsletter below and receive 10% off your order. We look forward to welcoming you.

*Drapers, 2015


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