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Hello, welcome to Padfield!

Authentic British Craftsmanship • Luxury Quality • Sustainably Made • Fairly Priced
(Padfield plants trees too… more on that later)

Quality Not Quantity Padfield is a celebration of British Craftsmanship and timeless European style.

Designed in London and proudly crafted in Somerset England, the Padfield collection of leather lifestyle accessories are inspired by daily life in cosmopolitan London, weekends in the English countryside, and a love of pared back European style. Every Padfield is a celebration of timeless design.

Founded to be sustainable and purposeful, Padfield is committed to crafting in England to help keep Britain’s rich heritage of craftsmanship alive.

At Padfield we believe that sourcing and crafting locally is the most sustainable option. We are happy to make less profit to: handcraft our entire collection in England from British tanned leather, support British craftsmanship and British jobs paying fair UK wages, and to give our customers good value. If a key component, such as our metal zippers, are not available from a UK manufacture we will include this information under the Materials tab on the product page.

Owning a Padfield is more than simply enjoying a beautiful British made accessory. It reflects your desire to support British craftsmanship and answers your expectation that brands will provide clear provenance for all of their products. It gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing how and where your accessories are made. We believe this is true British luxury.

If you would like to know more… Discover The Meaning Behind Padfield, Our Founder’s Experience, and What is Next for Padfield.

Founder, Padfield England

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