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How Your Padfield is Made

Your Padfield starts life in London; where it was designed, tested and perfected.

I draw inspiration from our ever changing city steeped in history, the beauty of the English countryside, and a love of pared-back European style.

PADFIELD British designer leather bags made in UK

After the design and sampling process, Padfield commissions bespoke cutting knives from a British based metal worker. In Somerset England these knives cut the precise pattern pieces for each Padfield accessory from British leather.

It then takes several skilled leather artisans to craft your Padfield accessory. From perfecting the placement of the gold Padfield embossed signature, to the hand painting of the leather edges, and the final quality inspection, your Padfield has been made from start-to-finish with care, attention-to-detail, and love in Somerset England.

We hope that you will decide to become part of Padfield’s celebration of authentic British craftsmanship, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Padfield family.

Founder, Padfield England

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