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Launching PADFIELD

I first started making and selling handbags whilst at university in Scotland.

Unwavering determination, endless hard work and a lucky break lead to retailing a line of premium leather goods through John Lewis stores from 2010 to 2013. An amazing experience that allowed me to learn from some of the best European makers. However, the story ‘the reason for being’ always felt incomplete, it lacked authenticity and purpose. I knew that if she was going to stay in the industry I had to refuse to compromise.

Writing down the ultimate: Authentically British, Quality not Quantity, Sustainability, I set out to accept nothing less. By combining these ultimates with thoughtful design and good value I knew Padfield would be offering something unique.

With more than a decade of experience, and having spent years forming relationships with British artisans, suppliers and communities, I launched Padfield in late 2018.

Padfield Sustainable British Made Luxury Leather Goods

What is next for PADFIELD?

Whilst Padfield is already making a difference working with local British artisans and British suppliers I wanted to do more.

With a commitment to sustainable production, and ties to British farming, Padfield is passionate about supporting projects that regenerate natural British landscapes. To contribute to enhancing communities, the environment and reducing CO2 levels globally, with your help, Padfield is planting trees.

For every tote bag sold Padfield makes a donation to plant trees in UK Forests. This is an initiative that is close to my heart. Learn more about Planting Trees Together and who we are working with to make a real difference.

We invite you to join the Padfield family and hope that you keep in touch. Padfield is on Instagram @Padfield.England


Founder, Padfield England

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