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I am often asked ‘Who is the Padfield customer’. Rather than defining our customers by age, gender, income… Padfield customers have a shared mind set, a way of living and being. Quite simply, Padfield customers are seekers of quality, who look to invest in products made with respect for the materials and the artisans.

Identifying our customer in this unconventional way was a key factor when setting Padfield prices. For a brief moment we thought about adding a huge premium, and pricing the Padfield leather totes at £750+. Why did this thought cross our mind?

Simply because in today’s market the word luxury is often synonymous with high price tags, rather than the craftsmanship and quality of the materials that create the accessory. In the luxury market there is a perceived notion that a higher price always means higher quality. In truth, it is a combination of brand name premium, large flagship stores, big marketing spend, celebrity endorsements, that result in such high retail prices.

At Padfield we offer traditional British craftsmanship, and luxury quality, without the significant luxury markup. Padfield accessories are crafted to be enjoyed for their timeless style, quality, and for a shared belief in the Padfield principals. We made the decision early on that owning a Padfield would not be dictated by the type of exclusivity defined by high price tags. Instead owning a Padfield comes down to availability. As part of the company’s commitment to sustainability, Padfield crafts accessories in small quantities in response to demand.

We hope you will join Padfield in celebrating British craftsmanship.

Founder, Padfield England

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