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When setting Padfield prices we thought about adding a huge premium and pricing the Padfield made at England leather totes at £750+. Why did this thought cross our mind? Simply because in today’s market the word luxury is often synonymous with high price tags rather than the craftsmanship and quality of the materials that create the accessory. In the luxury market there is a perceived notion that a higher price always means higher quality. In truth, it is a combination of brand name premium, large flagship stores, big marketing spend, celebrity endorsements and wholesale markup that results in such high retail prices.

In some cases ‘luxury’ brands are built on products that are not made in a way or from materials truly worthy of the term luxury. At Padfield we believe that an item can only be called luxury if the artisans making it have not been exploited or harmed. We believe that the full provenance of every accessory should be traceable, and that brands should actively share this information with their customers.

Has the term ‘luxury’ lost its value?

At Padfield we challenge the belief that high price tags are always a sign of quality, by offering handmade British craftsmanship and luxury quality without the significant luxury markup. You could say a Padfield is an anti-status symbol… carried for its style, quality and the Padfield values, and not for a ‘look-how-expensive-I-am’ price tag. At the end of the day it is the quality of the product you hold in your hands and how that product was made that truly counts.

The take away message…. Padfield offers customers clear product provenance and good value by combining: the best quality British leathers, English craftsmanship and timeless sophisticated design, with free worldwide shipping and complimentary monogramming. Padfield also runs a tree planting initiative to help regenerate natural UK landscapes. So how can we do all this and price our large suede leather lined tote bags at under £450? Well we keep things simple… Padfield retails online direct-to-customer to give you the best possible value.

Padfield represents authentic British luxury quality at a more affordable price. If you value authenticity and good value above designer brand name, and you care about how and where your accessories are made, then Padfield is for you.


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