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We started with asking the important question Who is the Padfield customer.

Rather than defining our customer by age, gender, income… we think of Padfield customers as seekers of quality, authenticity and good value. They make thoughtful purchasing decisions, investing in beautiful products made with a respect for the materials and the craftsmanship.

For a brief moment we considered doing what most brands do. We thought about adding a luxury retail mark up and pricing the Padfield leather tote at +£650. However, having defined our customer as seeker of quality, authenticity and good value… we simply decided not to.

So why did the thought of adding a luxury mark up even cross our mind?

Simply because in today’s market the value of a product is too often defined by the price tag attached to it (and which celebrity is seen carrying or using it), rather than with the craftsmanship and quality of the materials that actually went in to creating it. Authentic luxury quality craftsmanship costs more in both time and materials, which is understandably reflected in the price. However, there is often an extra luxury mark up added, which is where Padfield pricing is different.

What we mean by luxury retail mark up is the additional cost to the customer that established brands can add on. This includes the brand name premium – established luxury brands can simply charge more – and the high costs of their flagship stores, large marketing spends and celebrity endorsements.

Padfield offers luxury quality without this luxury retail mark up. We do this by retailing directly to our customers online, and thanks to our amazing happy customers awareness of Padfield is spreading to their friends, family and followers.

We also decided early on that owning a Padfield would not be about the price tag. If anything owning a Padfield comes down to timing and availability. As part of our commitment to sustainability, Padfield crafts in small quantities in response to demand. When a style sells out it can be unavailable for months, until we can craft your Padfield for you. This approach allows us to stay true to the Padfield principals, which we hope you agree are well worth the wait.

Founder, Padfield England

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