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  • Padfield Pricing

    We started by asking the important question Who is the Padfield customer?

    Rather than defining our customer by age, gender, income, we know Padfield customers are seekers of quality, authenticity, good value and style. They make thoughtful purchasing decisions, investing in beautiful products made well and made ethically.

    How is Padfield pricing different?

    In today's market the value of a product is too often defined by which celebrity is seen carrying it, rather than with the craftsmanship and quality of the materials that actually went in to creating it.

    Authentic high quality craftsmanship costs more in both time and materials, which is understandably reflected by a higher retail price, but this only explains the high cost of 'luxury' items to a point. This is the point at which Padfield differs. We do not add an extra 'luxury mark up'.

    What we mean by 'luxury mark up' is the additional cost to the customer to cover the cost of operating flagship stores, large marketing spends, celebrity endorsements, and brand name premium (established brands can simply charge more for their name).

    Padfield offers luxury quality without this additional mark up.
    How do we achieve this:

    1. Retailing directly to our customers and exclusively online

    2. We are fortunate to have amazing returning customers who are building their Padfield collection and recommending Padfield with friends and family (thank you!)

    We hope to welcome you to the Padfield family soon. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

    Founder, Padfield England

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