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Authentically British

Padfield’s commitment to British production extends beyond our London office address. We are committed to being authentically British. From our English craftsmanship and British leather, to our London based studio and timeless style. Padfield chooses to work with and support UK businesses, makers and suppliers whenever possible. Our commitment to authenticity means that our customers know we are offering them the very best of British made luxury.

Quality over Quantity

Padfield believes in making sophisticated styles in timeless colours, ensuring that Padfield accessories are as relevant tomorrow as they are today. It takes several highly skilled leather artisans to handcraft a Padfield leather accessory. By choosing to tan our leather and craft every accessory from start-to-finish in England we can be sure that Padfield accessories are made to the highest standards by artisans in a high quality work environment.

Padfield British Luxury Leather Handbags
Sustainable Principles

Padfield believes that sustainability is both social and environmental. It is the whole picture of how, where and who that must be considered. The how: Padfield believes that sourcing and crafting locally is the most sustainable option. In choosing to work exclusively with British tanned leather Padfield is utilising hides from farming that might otherwise go to waste. The where: Padfield’s UK production is governed by the highest environmental standards. The who: Padfield artisans work in a high quality environment earning fair UK wages.

With sustainability a key principle, Padfield also chooses to source and craft locally to minimise their CO2 footprint. Padfield believes in using NO PLASTIC. To eliminate plastic and throwaway packaging, all Padfield accessories are delivered in high quality recyclable gift boxes. We hope that you will choose to keep your box, to store your Padfield when not in use. Alternatively, please re-purpose the box to store other precious possessions. Going a step further, Padfield is more than just accessories. To contribute to enhancing local communities and the environment Padfield is planting trees in a UK Forests Learn more.

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