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Padfield: The Meaning

The Meaning Behind PADFIELD

Hello! I am Loren, the founder of Padfield. Thank you for reading this far, and for taking the time to learn more about Padfield.

Padfield is created out of personal experience. On discovering I was on the way my father started laying the foundations for our family home in Padfield Park. As life sometimes does we were thrown a curve ball, and we lost him suddenly when I was a child. With my father never far from my thoughts, I started Padfield at my dining room table in London. A name chosen in memory of my father, Padfield represents an entrepreneurial spirit and authenticity that I know he would be proud of.

I founded Padfield to be a company synonymous with reliability and sustainability, with a respect and appreciation of traditional British trades and industries. A slow fashion oasis in our busy and increasingly complex lives, created for seekers of timeless style, authentic British craftsmanship, and good value.

Founder, Padfield England

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