Padfield leather is tanned in England

In support of Britain’s long proud history of pastoral farming, Padfield utilises hides from British beef and dairy farming.

We believe that farming done well (as it is in the UK) can be part of the climate change solution, helping to manage and maintain grasslands (a good stores of carbon) and protecting soil quality.

Quoting from an article published by the National Farmers’ Union February 2021 "Beef produced in Britain is 2.5 times more efficient than the global average and 4 times more efficient than countries which are deforesting land. Because of our grass-based systems, beef and lamb farming in the UK doesn't rely on imported soya or grains for animal feed."

At Padfield believe that leather accessories made in a responsible and respectful way, from a naturally strong and durable material, leads to the need for fewer products over a lifetime.

Padfield Leather Finishes 

When developing the Padfield leather qualities we took in to consideration that genuine leather bags can be unnecessarily heavy. At Padfield we solved this by reducing the thickness of our leather to find the optimal balance of weight, strength and durability. With practicality in mind, during the tanning process Padfield exterior leather is finished to help it repel water. These thoughtful considerations help make every Padfield a joy to use and own.

Padfield Pebble Grain Leather:  Padfield's signature leather is a Pebble Grain top-grain, named for its uniform pebbled surface. Dyed entirely through the hide, this leather will not mark as noticeably as surface tanned leather. Chosen for its durable quality, and timeless look, this leather will age gracefully and soften over time with frequent use.

Padfield  Suede Leather: At Padfield we love a bold statement lining. Padfield suede leather linings were chosen for their rich colour, durability, and beautiful soft hand-feel. Lining the majority of Padfield accessories this British suede leather injects timeless understated accessories with intense saturated colour. Undeniably luxurious.

Padfield Embossed Nubuck Leather: With a soft handle Padfield grey embossed Nubuck leather has a beautiful distinct texture reminiscent of shagreen. This stunning tonal leather makes every accessory made from it truly unique. With small flecks of silver this is best appreciated in natural sunlight.

Padfield Grey Smooth Leather: Padfield grey leather tote bags and accessories are lined with smooth grey leather. As with all Padfield leather this lining leather is tanned all the way through to help reduce the appearance of surface scratches.