Padfield | Why I founded Padfield

You should never have to read the small print to know where your accessories are being made.

On discovering how few of my favourite British brands source and make on our shores, I became determined to give people like me (seekers of stylish British made accessories) an alternative and truly British option.

We are proud to say that every Padfield is 100% Made in England from British tanned leather.

Unfortunately this not the case with all British/English brands. There are many loopholes that can be exploited to at best misdirect the customer, and at worse entirely mislead them.

Here are a few that we have discovered:

1. A product made abroad but finished in England/Britain can be marketed as Made in England or British Made.

2. A brand can make the majority of their items abroad and still market on their Made in England or British Made credentials. They can mention a specific product being Made in England, but it is not necessarily true for the rest of their production. It is up to you, the customer, to check each product/style.

3. There is no authority, that we are aware of, ensuring brands are not incorrectly marketing or allowing '3rd parties' to market their products or brand as Made in England/British Made, including the misuse of hashtags such as #MadeinEngland #BritishMade #BritishCraftsmanship on social media.

We need the UK government to introduce regulations to protect customers. In the meantime, it is up to you the customer to look beyond the surface marketing.

The take away note. If you are looking to buy British made, ask the brand where the product was made. A quick Google search asking 'where is [brand name/product name] made?' will usually provide the information you need to make a more informed decision.

Thank you for considering a Padfield and for searching for truly British Made products.

Padfield | Why I founded Padfield 1Founder, Padfield England


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