The creation of a Padfield can be traced from British farm, to British tannery, to British workshop.

Authentically British

Padfield's Britishness extends beyond our HQ address. Padfield leather can be traced back to British farm fields, then on to British tanneries and British workshops. This full British journey sets Padfield apart, this is our difference, we offer the very best of truly British made.

Quality over Quantity

Padfield crafts in response to demand, this is to ensure we only ever make what is needed. Our design process favours sophisticated styles in timeless colours, to ensure that every Padfield is as relevant tomorrow as it is today

Sustainable Principles 

We believe that sustainability has to be both social and environmental. It is the 
picture as a whole that has to be considered: How, Where, Who.

How: Padfield crafts responsibly to meet demand. We utilise hides that are a byproduct of British farming that might otherwise go to waste. Padfield leather is tanned in Britain in modernised tanneries to mitigate environmental impact.  

Where:. The UK is one of only four countries with standard A for farm animal welfare, alongside Austria, Switzerland and New Zealand. Knowing the start of the journey of a Padfield (the where), the origin of the hide we utilise, is just as important to us as the finished product. 

Who: Artisans craftinPadfield accessoriesdo so in British workshops earning fair UK wages. All Padfield accessories are made by skilled leather artisans well over the UK's legal working age of 16. 

Being Part of our Community

Padfield was founded to be more than beautiful British accessories. For every handbag sold Padfield plants a tree in a UK forest. We are proud to be part of regenerating natural British landscapes for our generation and generations to come. Learn more.